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Scott Parsons, Heather ”Care and Management of the Older Horse”

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Essential reading for owners of older horses. This book will prove an invaluable guide, wheather you are hoping to extend your horse´s useful working life or simply ensure he has a long and happy retirement.

Inbunden, 272 sidor, engelska, Trafalgar Square Publishing,  2001, ett fåtal understrykningar annars i mkt gott skick, ISBN: 1570762139

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Today, horses and ponies are living longer than ever before, partially due to advances in veterinary medicine, but also due to the willingness of owners to keep elderly equines for pleasure riding. Literature on the care and training of horses is available in abundance, but the special needs of the older horse have not been addressed in depth, an issue this book aims to redress by providing the owner with a wealth of practical advice and information. All aspects of care and management are covered, including feeding, care at grass and in the stable, vaccinations and worming programmes, dental care, insurance, shoeing, exercise, saddle fitting and retirement options. There is a veterinary section dealing with problems commonly encountered by older horses, and an illuminating and practical section on euthanasia.

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