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Hirst, Henry ”Camper Vans & RV’s”

120 kr

Gift Set includes 64-page paperback book with 52-minute DVD ”The Story of the VW Camper Van”.

Häftad, engelska, storformat, 64 sidor + dvd, Instinctive Product Development, 2011, mycket bra skick, ISBN: 9781907657948

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Born into the post-war environment of greater personal freedom, increased leisure time and the wealth to be able to enjoy them, the camper van in its various guises – from the hugely popular Volkswagen through to the massive mobile homes produced by companies like Winnebago – has become one of the most popular forms of leisure travel in the world. For more than 60 years users have been able to take advantage of the flexibility offered by the vehicles to explore their own country and beyond. For many, moreover, the freedom offered by the camper van was also the opportunity to explore other freedoms – the hippie lifestyle, for example, and the customisation of their own vehicle – making it symbolic of an age where the pursuit of happiness for people of all ages was an achievable ambition. Star of a hugely popular lifestyle, film and television – this is the story of the camper van and this book and accompanying DVD celebrates its achievements.


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