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Hayes, Karen & Copeland, Sue ”Senior Horse Care”

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If Your Horse is 15 Years or Older, This Book is for You! It’s like having a senior-horse specialist in your barn! Will your horse be fit and shiny when he’s in his 20s? Will he have a bounce in his step? It’s not entirely up to genes and chance. Your care and management can make a difference in how well your horse ages. It’s all here in HANDS-ON SENIOR HORSE CARE. 

Häftad, stort format, engelska, 430 sidor, Primedia Enthusiast Publications, 2001, bra skick dock med ett veck på bakre pärmen. ISBN: 1929164114

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Over 400 pages of management tips, insights, and red-alert action plans designed by an equine veterinarian specifically to care for the aging horse

Section 1 provides Senior Signposts. You’ll be asked a series of yes-and-no questions based on age-related signs you observe, and given an Action Plan based on your answers.
Section 2 highlights 8 common age-related equine changes, ranging from colic to cancer, arthritis to heaves. You’ll get the what’s and why’s behind each condition, signposts to watch for, and the latest in treatment and management tips.
Section 3 is a step-by-step library of senior horse care. Included are ways to help evaluate your horse’s hearing and vision, and ways to upgrade your horse’s ration, to make it more senior-friendly.
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