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Blomquist, Hans ”In Detail – inspiring ideas for creative interiors”

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IN DETAIL presents stylist and art director Hans Blomquist’s unique and idiosyncratic take on the world. In hundreds of ravishingly beautiful images, he shows us the world through his own eyes, revealing the potential in even the humblest of objects and showing how to create evocative rooms and painterly displays. Chapter by chapter, Hans focuses on the key ingredients of his distinctive look: nature, texture, colour, textiles, collecting and display. IN DETAIL puts inspiring ideas for creative interiors within every reader’s reach.

Inbunden, engelsk text, 208 sidor,  Ryland Peters, 2014, nyskick, ISBN: 9781849755511

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I have focused on details ever since I got my first camera at the age of ten. I remember taking close-ups of surfaces, flowers, tree trunks, flaking paint, hands, faces, gravel and snow, as if my eyes didn’t want to take in more than a small portion of the whole. Even now, as my partner likes to point out, it seems as if we’ve never actually been anywhere when we look through our holiday photos. There are just hundreds of details windows, doors, colours, textures, plants, leaves, stones and no one can tell where they were taken except me…luckily, I have a great memory for details!

Both at home and in my work as a stylist, getting the details right is key to achieving the perfect result. For me, the success of an entire room or photo can hinge on one seemingly insignificant element that makes the whole come to life. Some people like to look at the bigger picture first, but I am the opposite. I always start with a detail a colour, a surface, a roll of string, a single flower. It could be anything, but from that single small piece of inspiration I will create a whole room set. I’m not a great fan of brainstorming meetings where concepts are endlessly discussed. Instead, I prefer to go for a walk and let the ideas start to germinate from the first seed of inspiration that plants itself. Then the rest the strategies and all the other important aspects that need to be considered flow on naturally from that.

In Detail illustrates the elements I think are so integral to a beautiful home, and explains how I use them as a starting point for creating a scheme. Natural objects and plants, interesting textures, colours you are drawn to, textiles that are pleasing to touch, and items that you love to collect and display are, collectively, what make a home welcoming and personal.

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